Minor Damage & Major Accidents

Here at Asher Collision Center, we specialize in repairs to vehicles that have suffered both minor damage and major accidents. In their many years of practical, hands-on experience, our specialists have heard and seen it all. If your vehicle has sustained damage of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Computerized Services

Our state-of-the-art shop offers computerized frame measurements and paint matching. The precision work at Asher Collision Center is unmatched by our competitors. For true attention to detail, more people choose our team of professionals at Asher Collision Center.

Bumper Repair

Our poor bumpers! Most of the time, they take the brunt of it. The experts at Asher Collision Center can work wonders for dented bumpers (or worse).

Paintless Dent Removal

Have an unsightly dent? Don’t just cover it up, get rid of it. With a corps of highly skilled technicians and cutting edge technology at our disposal, Asher Collision Center provides paintless dent removal at highly competitive prices. Don’t settle for less than the very best.

Auto Glass Replacing

It happens to all of us. Shattered windows are more than just an eyesore. They make your vehicle attractive to thieves and carjackers. Take care of broken windows and lights by contacting us for a quick and hassle-free appraisal.


With our own towing service, Asher Collision Center is truly an all-on-one repair shop. Don’t pay through the nose for another company when we will pick you up and bring you directly to our shop, where you will receive prompt and exceptional service.

Asher Collision Center 411 Isis Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301 (310) 310-7405
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